Accreditation and Affiliation

We know that accreditation is among top concerns of a student. This is not always true that an accredited institution is a worthy institution imparting the real education. But, at The NUOPASS, you can rest assured that you will get the quality education. 
Our university is a chartered national university of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (Republic of Uganda). The royal charter of incorporation is bestowed by His Majesty King Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru The First, The Forty-ninth Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara. The education ministry of the kingdom approves and accepts all our programmes, from certification to doctorate level. 

We are also registered, affiliated and recognised by (as an institute) Sindh Board of Technical Education (vide notification number (SBTE/INSP/AF/DBA/MOR/1340 of 7-08-2013) and Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (competent government authorities to recognise institutes) in Pakistan.

We have international academic agreements with following universities and organisations:

Academic Institutions

  • Universidad Nacional Hermilio Valdizan, Peru
  • Universidad de Occidente of Guatemala
  • San Juan de la Cruz University, Costa Rica
  • National Directorate of Schools of the National Police of Colombia
  • The Public Ministry of Peru
  • The Ministry of Interior and National Police of Peru (through UPNW)
  • The Private University of Norbert Wiener of Peru
  • The Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA)
  • University Foundation of Santander (FUDES), Colombia
  • Gatlin International UK


  • University Centre of Alternative Medicines
  • EDI with London Chamber of Commerce
  • Consortium of Euro-American Universities (CUE)
  • Euro- American Corporation of Security
  • Global Compat
  • CCLP Worldwide Education Charter, Spain
  • Barnhart Safety and Security Industries
  • Instituo UDUSINU, S.A.S. Colombia
  • Central Emergency Medical Clearing House, Nigeria
  • Nucleo Interinstitucional Mancomunado, Cordoba, Argentina

We are verified member of UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) and our UKPRN (UK Provider Reference Number) is 10034032.
Our affiliated universities are recognised by the ministries of education of their countries. Our degrees are also evaluated by the US credential evaluators as US RA. We can proudly say that our programmes are of high standards supervised by the most qualified faculty. Our professionalism is your assurance of receiving a high quality education and a learning experience that is comparable to what you would receive in a traditional college or university.