Certificate Courses

To take your career to the next level it helps to have the credentials to show that you have the skills and expertise to perform up to the task. These certificate programmes from NUCSS and our partner GATLIN INTERNATIONAL offers hundreds of certificate and diploma courses in criminology, criminal justice, law, business, public administration, office management and many other fields (like Business and Professional Healthcare, Fitness Hospitality, Gaming, IT, Software Development Management, Corporate Media and Design, New Age, Skilled Trades, Industrial Soft Skills and Sustainability etc) to give professionals a plus point in the competition for recognition and a better job.
Each course is designed for the learn-on-your-own trainee and consists of one or two study units and periodic progress exams to measure skill advancement. Students are supported by administration services throughout the duration of their studies.

Diploma Courses

The Higher Diploma provides to the students with a moderate knowledge in specific fields of study. Students acquire a basic understanding of all subjects related to the major. A Higher Diploma is equivalent to a three year college degree. The course curricula of both, the Bachelor's degree and the Higher Diploma are entirely based on published textbook material and adjusted to the student's personal goals. 
Major Diploma Courses are:

  1. Private Investigator
  2. Legal Assistant 
  3. Forensics/Criminalistics
  4. Investigative Journalist
  5. Police Instructor

Bachelor Degree Courses

Criminology/Criminal justice is one of today's most exciting and fastest-growing careers. A Bachelor's Degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice could lead to a diverse array of satisfying positions in law enforcement, correctional institutions, the courts, social service agencies and community advocacy organisations. As a student you'll enjoy in-depth and interesting courses. This Bachelor degree provides students with a comprehensive knowledge in the specific field of criminal and security sciences. Students acquire a full understanding of all subjects related to the criminal and security sciences.
We offer B Crim (Hons) degree with the following majors

  1. Forensic Sciences
  2. Security Sciences
  3. Homeland Security
  4. Cyber Criminology
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Police Management
  7. Prison Management
  8. Anti-Terrorism/Counter Terrorism Studies
  9. Criminal Justice System

We also offer Bachelor degrees in:

  • Law
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Mass Communication And Investigative Journalism
  • Environmental Engineering

Master Degree Courses

The Master's degree programmes provide students with specialised training. Students acquire practical knowledge and specific skills in courses related directly to the student's concentration. The specialised and practical training that the NUCSS offers through the Master's adult degree programmes has become almost compulsory at the workplace. The course curricula are based on published textbook material and a research project commensurable with the course syllabus and the student's personal goals. The final exam consists of several 30 to 45 pages reports based on each of the textbooks listed in the programmes. In addition, the Master's student must submit a 50 pages project.
MASTER OF CRIMINOLOGY (M CRIM) prepares you to excel in criminology. As a student, you'll conduct an extensive exploration of the theoretical origins of criminal behaviour, gain an essential background in the evolution of legal system and political influences, and learn important practices relating to today's most pertinent criminal justice issues. Upon graduation, you'll have the strategic thinking and problem-solving skills that are necessary to obtain a managerial role in this booming field. 


  1. Forensic Sciences
  2. Security Sciences
  3. Homeland Security
  4. Anti-Terrorism Studies
  5. Cyber Criminology
  6. Police Studies
  7. Prison Management
  8. Cyber Security

We also offer Master Degrees in:

  1. Law
  2. Business Administration
  3. Public Administration
  4. Environmental Sciences
  5. Mass Communication And Investigative Journalism
  6. Environmental Engineering


Doctorate Degree Courses

The Doctorate programmes offer students the highest level of specialisation in any discipline. Students acquire highly specialised knowledge and full command of specific skills that they will develop, argue and defend in their culminating work: the Doctoral thesis. The main requirement of the online doctorate consists in submitting and discussing a 110 page thesis paper for review and evaluation by The NUOPASS academic committee. In some cases, previously published material can be counted towards the Ph.D. degree in substitution of the doctoral research work. Several 50 to 60 pages reports based on textbooks may also be required to complete the required online doctorate credits. Duration depends on the amount of research and work that students will devote to the completion of their doctoral thesis. The Ph.D. thesis must be defended in front of a minimum of three members of The NUOPASS Academic Network. The NUCSS office will set up the thesis discussion schedule with both the student and The NUOPASS academic committee. Occasionally and upon request this discussion may be established through the Internet or at an affiliated institution/centre of the NUOPASS.


Honorary doctorates are granted to those individuals who have demonstrated humanitarian or scientific excellence. Only third party nominations will be accepted. This D. Hon degree is rewarded in recognition of those who have contributed towards the betterment of the society. Every case is carefully analysed and approved by the NUOPASS Academic Committee.
We also offer a wide range of vocational courses through our partners GALTIN INTERNATIONAL and EDI of UK. Please click here to see the courses.